My Story

Hello! I’m Eva, a multi-media artist with a passion for telling stories through graphics and video.

According to my parents I have been drawing since the day I was able to hold a pencil.

Fast forward 25 years and I was working as a registered architect at a top New York City architecture firm. But, after a few years in NYC I realized that the corporate life was not for me.

I felt lost.

After a lot of soul searching and self work I was able to get back in touch with intuition and creativity. I came out of the darkness stronger, and with the confidence and clarity I needed to make a major shift in my life.

It might sound silly, but during that difficult time I often found refuge in YouTube videos. I was emboldened and inspired by the videos of teachers, healers, and world travelers. After experiencing first hand how powerful video can be, I decided to learn everything I could about the medium.


My chronic case of wanderlust and desire for more creative freedom eventually lead me to leave the corporate world in the spring of 2017. I quit my job, sold most of my belongings, and hopped on a one way flight to Asia.

Having taught myself how to film, edit, and produce videos I started to use the medium to document my life transition. Then, at the end of 2017 I decided to turn my passion for video and my 12+ years of design and marketing experience into a freelance video and animated graphics business, Eva Peterson LLC.

Through my freelance business I help online entrepreneurs stand out from the competition, connect with their ideal clients, and ultimately make more sales through video, animated graphics, and illustration.

I currently live in Da Nang, Vietnam where I am constantly inspired by the people I meet and the beautiful countryside.

I regularly share silly cartoons & photos about my life on Instagram, @theevapeterson, and via YouTube, The Eva Peterson. You can also find my artwork in my Etsy shop: The Nomadic Printable.

Love, Eva