Before coaching with Eva I lacked clarity about my business and life vision and I doubted my skills as a businesswoman. I thought I wasn’t ready to get started. 

Through the coaching process I gained a huge amount of clarity of what my business should be about and which clients I want to attract. I started working as a coach. Looking at my limiting beliefs helped me to see where these beliefs come from and how I can transform them through positive affirmations and action steps. I’m much more trusting in my vision and abilities. Also, I’m more structured since I learned how to manage my time and finances better.

I have become a more confident version of myself – much more clear in what I want, how I can get there and what my unique gift to the world is.

Working with Eva is such a pleasure! Looking back, I’m so happy that I decided to become her coaching client. She holds space in a beautiful way and I enjoyed every single session together. I love Eva’s holistic approach and all the different aspects she brings into the coaching.

Sabrina R.

Writer & Self Love Coach

Where do I even begin? Eva is the bees knees of genuine people and a one-of-a-kind life coach. She has the biggest heart and fantastic skills in coaching. I felt particularly seen and heard when I expressed my emotions and heavy concerns as if she knew exactly what I was going through. She asks amazing questions that really make you turn inward and reflect deep within yourself. She helps you paint pictures with your thoughts and tune into your body through meditation and mindfulness. I feel like she is one of the biggest influences for my choice to keep listening to my heart, too.

Her knowledge of Parts Work, and Ayurveda, helped me to see the world in a different way. I felt more connected with my body, and nature, and that’s saying a lot, considering I’m a nutritionist.

I love her intuition and the passion she carries for her life because it’s contagious. It feels like you’re talking to someone you’ve always known. 10/10, will come back to Eva again! -except, I may not need to because she helped me so much in taking control of my life and following through on my dreams.

LiShayla S.


Receiving coaching from Eva was like being catapulted into a new trajectory of my life and my business, yet in the gentlest of ways. Eva’s coaching style embraces comfort, compassion, grounding, centering, love, intuition, and introspective questions that guided me to the core of my Self. Through three months of coaching from Eva, she brought me deeper into my feminine flow, my mind-body connection, my own intuition, and my inner empowerment of knowing and trusting myself in my life and business.

The coaching relationship she builds is one of trust and unconditional support. The way Eva blends her life experiences, lifelong learning and research, and authenticity makes her an effective and gifted coach.

Kirsten R.

Educator & Life Coach

Eva came as a warm recommendation to me from a mutual friend after I’d confessed to feeling like I was bursting at the seams. Loss of work, a lack of confidence necessary to build myself towards my dreams, and a litany of other life questions and stressors rendered me a quaking mess who had no idea to prioritize.

From the get go, Eva taught me the importance of being kind to myself and equipped me with the practical tools to enact this mentality in all areas of my life. Working with her felt like hiring a cartographer for my most productive and fulfilled self; every meeting was a candid process of mapping out the steps I needed for the alignment I craved. It’s not about chasing perfection or becoming a wellness junkie: it’s about forming good habits and overcoming self-resistance in order to sculpt your ambitions into tangible reality.

For as young as Eva is, she’s truly seen a lot of life and has overcome some startling obstacles with poise. She even provided practical anecdotal advice to private concerns I rarely share with anyone – thank God I opened up about them, I had almost thought it pointless because I assumed no solution existed.

I’m so grateful for what I’ve learned about myself in working with Eva…the best part is, she’s still a student and has an undying lust for new knowledge, so you know the enthusiasm for your growth is real. She’s a true comrade. Thank you, Eva!

Lauren L.

Freelance Copywriter & Social Media Manager

Eva helped me to open my eyes to possibility and shift the way I was approaching all of this. First, through her example she showed me what was possible as far as traveling the world and teaching English online. I am someone who has desperately been wanting to travel the world and had even thought about teaching English online as a means to start doing that, however until I saw Eva’s powerful example I never actually realized what was possible for me. In this way, Eva walked her talk and showed me what was possible for my life.

We also have many life parallels, but she is further along in her journey in many ways making her a huge source of wisdom and comfort as I dealt with doubts and insecurity. I am someone who quit my stable career path in medicine to pursue a more unconventional lifestyle of  traveling the world as a digital nomad. Eva has BEEN THERE! She has been traveling the world for over 3 years now after quitting her prestigious architecture job. She has live through the ups and downs the doubts and insecurities of taking a big leap towards an unconventional life and has shown me how to do the same. How to embrace and process through these doubts and fears without letting them take over my life.  How to continually and steadfastly follow my own path regardless of what the rest of the world is doing and regardless of how scary it is to do something against the grain.

I think one of the most powerful things about Eva is the way that she IS a shining example of authenticity. She walks and lives her talk with such integrity that inspired and compelled me to do the same. Not only is she a living breathing example of her message, she is also able to hold coaching space in such a powerful way.

When I first started working with Eva I was unhappily trudging along in my 9-5 job teaching English in South Korea and side hustling my buns off to build my online coaching business. To deal with my stress and unhappiness I was going out every weekend with friends, binge drinking which added up to some seriously self sabotaging behavior.

She helped me get to the bottom of all of this self sabotaging behavior and see what was going on beneath the surface. Through some powerful integration techniques I was able to discover WHY I was drinking and what I was covering up with alcohol. By getting to the root of all of this and through her support and accountability I was able to make a firm commitment to live an alcohol free lifestyle. I’ve now gone 8 weeks without alcohol and am planning to live the rest of my life that way.

It’s hard to put all of the transformation into words and I know the ongoing ripple effects of our work together is still unfolding. But if I could sum it up, working with Eva made reaching my biggest goals and my best self so possible and within reach. I’ve never been more perfectly aligned to call in everything I’ve ever wanted into my life.

Chelsea T.

Career Coach

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Eva three times now, and I’m amazed by the amazing results! With her help, I’ve been able to see measurable changes and results in areas where I previously felt very stuck. From the first call we had, I attained a sharp focus on my goals, and an outline of specific actions to follow in order to get there. I didn’t think I was the kind of person that needed a life coach, but I’ve since changed my mind. The mindset shifts you can achieve, in a short amount of time, are huge!!

Jackie F.

Yoga Teacher & Entrepreneur

Working with Eva has been incredible. It’s as if she knows my feelings and fears and how they are contributing to my challenges before I even know. She knows the exact questions to ask to help me navigate those emotions and fears and how to articulate them so that I can work through them. And she does it all in such a lighthearted and fun way! I can’t wait to keep working with Eva! 

Katie M.

Empowerment Coach

Eva gently guided and supported me in finding where i was ‘stuck’. I felt both held and contained in the process therefore allowing me to rapidly unlock previous locked in thinking patterns. Since our personal call, I have felt more focussed, driven and motivated. 

Thank you Eva.

Kristy R.


No matter where you are in your process I highly recommend working with Eva, her warm, friendly personality immediately puts you at ease. When you’re in the thick of it, feeling frenzied and stressed, it’s difficult to see just how much progress you’ve actually made along your journey. From our first call Eva called out quickly successes that I wasn’t seeing! From there we were able to create a plan for continued success by working with Archetypes and mindset shifts! She’s awesome and I cannot wait for our next session!

Tracie S.

Freelance Graphic Designer

I’ve absolutely loved working with Eva as my coach because she helps me set realistic goals and reach them successfully, while having lots of fun! She fills our coaching calls with respect and ingenuity when it comes to overcoming various obstacles, real or perceived. What I admire most about her is the genuine excitement that she expresses around my breakthroughs, which is really uplifting and contagious. In fact, it’s a motivational boost!

Staying committed to my goals and effectively managing my time were my biggest professional and personal challenges. However, since working with Eva, these patterns have shifted and now I am able to work smarter instead of harder, while also creating space for self-care and enjoyment in my life. 

I highly recommend Eva as a life coach. You will be looking forward to your coaching calls and you will enjoy your work together. You will be raising your confidence and shifting the circumstances in your life to the path of your dreams!

Ionna M.

Soul Realignment & Akashic Records Consultant