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A nourishing group coaching program developed for free-spirited women who are ready to go from uncertain and disconnected to feeling confident, grounded and purposeful.

Reconnect with your deepest self, your body and Mother Earth.

You are a beautiful, unique free spirit who wants to make the most of this precious life.

But, it’s easy to loose touch with yourself and your dreams along the way. You may be out of alignment if…



You have a million and one ideas about what you could do next, but you’re not sure which path to take.

You’re tired of jumping from one thing to the next without following through.



Your creative soul refuses to conform to the box society wants to put you in, yet the opinions of others hold you back.

You lack the confidence and self-trust to wholeheartedly go after your dreams.



You feel disconnected from your body and the natural world.

You’re SO ready to get out of your head, reclaim your vitality, and experience more pleasure and joy in life!

I feel you. I’ve been there. And that’s why I’m so excited you are here.

Welcome home.

I’m your guide, Eva.

This program is a safe, grounding space for free-spirited, creative souls, like you, to come together for the purpose of deepening your relationship with your inner self, your body, and our Mother Earth.

Over the course of this three month program we will deep dive into each of these topics through weekly journal prompts, guided meditations, fun embodiment exercises, and transformative group coaching calls.

This program merges modern science & self-development techniques with ancient Ayurvedic and Tantric wisdom.

Together we dare to become grounded, wild & free.



Become grounded in your true self by tuning into your intuition, rediscovering your inner child, and cultivating deep self-love and self-trust.


Reconnect to your wild side by becoming truly embodied and deepening your relationship with nature and her cycles.


Be free to be you and to live the life you choose. Develop confidence and clarity so that you can forge your unique life path.


A grounding structure with feminine flow…


You’ll receive a digital workbook at the start of each week. These workbooks will help you explore the corners of your soul & heal through journal prompts and lovework activities.



Each week we will have a live group coaching call. These calls will be a mixture of coaching and Q&A so that you feel grounded and supported.


This will be our digital home. A community where you can connect with like-minded women and share your journey.



Grounding guided meditations will be delivered to your inbox each month to help you truly embody our themes.


Yep, tea! I find few things more grounding than a warm cup of tea. You’ll receive a custom, nourishing Ayurveda tea recipe designed just or you!


The fourth week of every month will be a time of integration. There will be no new workbook or live call. This is a time to catch up, rest and integrate what you’ve learned.



This three month program will begin the week of August 31st and close in late November (before the Thanksgiving holiday in the US).

Take my hand, let's fly!

If you are ready to become grounded and embodied so that you can confidently live the life you truly desire please click the button below to apply.

This program will be an intimate group of up to 10 women. Once those spots have been filled the doors will close. Once I’ve received your application I’ll contact you within 24 hours to discuss the next steps.