Branding Video

Think of your branding or introduction video as your digital first impression. It’s your “about page” in video form. A good branding video is a short, direct video that tells the viewer everything they need to know about your business and product/service while also setting the tone for your brand and the rest of your content.

A branding video is one of the most common, useful, and effective ways to start utilizing professional video in your business. It allows you to tell your story, connect with your ideal clients, and increase conversions.

In order to inspire your potential clients to connect with you and invest in your services we’ll create a video that captures your unique personality and instills a sense of trust, credibility, professionalism, and curiosity.

Here's How It Works:



01. Strategy Session

We jump on a call to discuss your video project. I help you identify the core message of your video, and a clear call to action. We discuss the type of video that best suits your business, and develop an artistic vision for your intro video.

02. Write the Perfect Script

Clients don’t decide whether join your tribe or invest in you based on video quality. That might sound strange coming from a video producer, but hear me out. They connect with you because your video speaks to their fears, desires and emotions in a way that makes them want to take action now! I help you write a video script that speaks directly to your ideal clients and converts.

03. Record Quality Footage

I share with you the tips and tricks that I’ve learned from years of recording and editing videos, so you can record quality footage. From framing your shot to lighting and everything in between, my comprehensive “Best Practices for Recording Video and Audio” document will ensure you get the best edit.

04. I Take Care of the Rest

You send me your footage and I craft your beautiful, engaging video. See below for everything that I do behind the scenes to make sure you look and sound your best!

What I Do Behind the Scenes:



Custom Designed Graphics and Animations

Beautiful, custom designed transitions, text, icons, and other graphics are created for you. You receive style boards to give you a feel for the style of your video. Then, I animate your custom graphics to create an eye catching and engaging video.


Thumbnail Design

A simple, eye catching, click worthy thumbnail is designed for your video.


Video Editing

Your video is edited to make you look your best! Awkward pauses are removed, lighting levels are adjusted, and your footage is cut together to create a smooth, professional quality video.


Optimize Video Specifications

Your video specifications are optimized for your website, YouTube, Facebook ads, or whatever other platform you intend to share it on.


Sound Design

You are provided with three music options that complement the tone and feeling of your video. You choose your favorite. Then, sound effects are added where appropriate and the audio you recorded is adjusted so that you sound your best.

I am a one stop shop for video production and graphics. My goal is to make incorporating video into your business as stress free and effective as possible.

Let’s make something beautiful.

The Investment: Introduction videos start at $497 for a 2 minute video. 

Contact me to discuss the details of your project and to receive a price quote.