You are a changemaker!

Life Coaching for Eco & Socially Conscious Souls

Heal burnout, develop self-trust, & expand your impact.

You know deep in your bones that you’re here to create positive change.

But, something is holding you back.


Finding time to meaningfully contribute to the world while maintaining your everyday life.

Emotional exhaustion from caring so much for so long.

Feeling guilty for time spent on self-care.


Lacking a sense of purpose and direction.

Not knowing where to start to pursue your big dreams.

Constantly battling your inner critic.



Stress and anxiety drain your confidence, energy, and vitality.

Distracting health issues pull you away from your important work.

Feeling disconnected from your body and your inner voice.


Doubting if you have what it takes to truly make a difference in this world.

Fearing what others will think if you speak up.

Lacking the confidence and skills needed to express yourself.

Crippling imposter syndrome.

Hi there! I’m Eva.

You are the hero of this transformational journey. I would be honored to be your guide.

I am on a mission to help fellow activists, social entrepreneurs, and aspiring changemakers get in touch with their inner voice, their body, and their purpose so that they can live a vibrant life aligned with their values.

My 7+ years of mentorship experience and extensive training have empowered me to help my clients transform their lives. I am a certified Life Coach, Ayurvedic Health Coach, and Confidence Coach.

In early 2017 I left my corporate architecture job in New York City and boarded a one-way flight to Asia. I was suffering from burnout and a myriad of health issues. Consumerist culture, the state of world politics, and years of activism had worn me down. I barely recognized myself.

A few months later I experienced the healing power of Ayurveda firsthand while living in Nepal. I was rejuvenated and ready to create something meaningful.

I didn’t want to just see the world. I wanted to contribute to it in a major way.

And so, my coaching business was born.

I now support my clients in building a solid foundation of self-trust, health, and confidence so that they can be agents of change in their communities and professions.

Take my hand. Let’s fly!

Let’s Connect!


Becoming the Change is an in-depth four-month life coaching program created for those who are ready to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing so that they can be of greater service to the world. This is a holistic process of tapping into your intuition, discovering the purpose and focus of this phase of your life, and aligning your everyday and future with your values. 

The program combines transformative, modern self-development techniques with ancient Ayurvedic wisdom. It’s time to actively create the world that you want to live in.


Keep an eye on the blog for articles and other resources to aid us in becoming more effective, healthy, and joyful changemakers.

I also share candidly about my personal journey with self-acceptance, burnout, and dismantling white supremacy and racism within myself.  



Each spring and fall I host a LIVE group self-care week. Together we tap into the wisdom of our beautiful bodies and align our lives with the cycles of nature.

We harness the transformational energy of the season to propel our healing and growth. And, it’s a lot of fun!

You can get started now by downloading my free guide, “Self-care for Changemakers,” and sign up to be notified when registration opens for our next cycle!

I work with clients from around the world, so all programs are online.

Before coaching with Eva I lacked clarity about my business and life vision and I doubted my skills as a businesswoman. I thought I wasn’t ready to get started.

I have become a more confident version of myself – much more clear in what I want, how I can get there, and what my unique gift to the world is.

Looking at my limiting beliefs helped me to see where these beliefs come from and how I can transform them. I’m much more trusting in my vision and abilities. Also, I’m more structured since I learned how to manage my time better.

I love Eva’s holistic approach and all the different aspects she brings into the coaching.

Sabrina R.


I have noticeably more energy and overall just feel stronger, more confident, and less stressed. 

Enacting even a few of Eva’s Ayurvedic recommendations transformed my health—and they were so easy to fit into my lifestyle. I learned how to work with my body and my unique disposition rather than against it. 

I have become someone who trusts listening to herself rather than taking advice from others which may or may not work for my unique body and circumstances.

Stephanie K.

Communications Director