Happiness is a tricky thing…

This whole happiness thing is tricky. People say its all about your perspective and state of mind and all that jazz. One of my friends was recently committed to a mental ward and medications literally improved her thoughts and made her a more happy and stable person. Happiness from chemicals in a pill!

They say happiness doesn’t have to do with what is going on around you, but with what is going on inside of you. While this is typically the sentiment that I prescribe to, I have always struggled to fully believe it. At times it feels fake, like I’m putting up a facade. This concept seems forced, yet when it comes down to it doesn’t everything come from within? From the way we interpret the world to the decisions we make. From the thoughts we have to the things we feel. Everything comes from my personal perspective because I am me. An individual. The Bible says rejoice always, to have peace always, that God is with us always. None of those things are based on external factors, but instead are things God tells us we can have – always.

I think the disconnect for me is likely based on the media and my cultures deeply held ideal of the American dream. The dream that you must have all of the things in order to be happy. Living in New York City I am constantly bombarded with that message. That status, respect, friends, security, happiness, and peace all come from having money, certain possessions and a certain lifestyle. Yet there is always, always, always one more thing to buy. One more thing I should be doing. Something new that is now in style. It’s just too much. It’s all fake. It’s all fake.

For me that way of thinking leads to a life of never ending discontent, poor finances and never feeling fulfilled. Never having enough (money, clothes, books, knowledge, experiences)… never having enough anything. It leads to a life where we all I do is constantly strive, strive, strive for more, more, more. More success, respect, titles, awards, accomplishments, attention, etc. A thirst that, if the media and consumer society has their way, will never be satisfied. It’s all fake, all forced, all a sham. That! Not the “happiness that comes from within” theory, but the “happiness comes from externals” theory. Bam! I need to be un-brainwashed. I need to shift my mindset dramatically.

Any thoughts interwebs?

All the love,



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