Memories under pressure.

Today I came across a thought provoking article by Dani Shapiro about writing in the era of Facebook and other instant mass media. I had to share.

A Memoir is not a Status Update by Dani Shapiro

One paragraph that I have been meditating on:

“In an essay on Emily Dickinson, the poet Adrienne Rich once wrote, “It is always what is under pressure in us, especially under pressure of concealment—that explodes in poetry.” We live in a time in which little is concealed, and that pressure valve—the one that every writer is intimate with—rarely has a chance to fill and fill to the point of explosion. Literary memoir is born of this explosion. It is born of the powerful need to craft a story out of the chaos of one’s own history. One of literary memoir’s greatest satisfactions—both for writer and reader—is the slow, deliberate making of a story, of making sense, out of randomness and pain.”

Shapiro beautifully articulates a desire that has recently been swelling within me. As I analyze and dive deeper into my personal story I desire, “the complicated, abiding pleasure, to paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, of finding the universal thread that connects us to the rest of humanity, and, by doing so, turns our small, personal sorrows and individual tragedies into art.”

That drive to express myself in a new way is why I began this blog. Now where do I start?

All the love,



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