Things That Make Me Happy

Below is a list of things that make me happy. Some are big, some are small. I constantly need to remind myself to prioritize activities that bring me joy, and to then take the time to slow down and actually enjoy them (that’s the kicker!). Otherwise I get so caught up in the day to day motions, duties, and requirements of life. Then before I know it I am incredibly unhappy and I can’t pin point why. I think I can sum up this list in a couple of sentences.

I am most happy when I am pushing my limits creatively and/or physically through new experiences. I find joy when I am immersed in and in awe of nature. I love to create and use my hands.

The Happy List:

Backpacking – There is something so empowering and so primally satisfying about carrying everything that I need to survive on my back.

Hiking above the tree line

Traveling somewhere new – especially other countries and cultures

Waterfalls – Especially ones that I can swim in and/or jump from!

The Ocean


Being in a Bathing Suit

Going Somewhere New – And not being sure what I will find there

Exploring Thrift Shops & Antique Shops

Beautiful Architecture – Especially old things… I am an architecture history geek!

Making my friends laugh




Lifting heavy weights


Drawing in the park

Running – not distance running for fitness (definitely not that), but just running around like a little kid

Seeing my family

Being disconnected – no internet, no phone, no nothing

Fresh fruit

Large Quantities of Cooked Brussels Sprouts, Bacon, or Broccoli

Cooking something I’ve never attempted, and other food experiments – ex. Sauerkraut

Finding a new way to be better to the environment


Happy music – Ed Sheeran, T Swift, Passion Pit, etc.

Taking a walk



Free time to do what I choose

Getting out of the city – I live in NYC

Talking to my sister

What makes you happy?

All the love,



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