To Blog, or Not to Blog, That is The Question…

“…Whether tis nobler in the mind to strive

Alone towards an understanding of this outrageous life,

Or to join arms against a sea of doubts,

And by sharing end them: to share, to relate

to inspire all the more; and by a post, to say we end

the isolation, and share with a thousand other souls

the trials of the Flesh?”

Okay sorry, sorry I’ll stop! That was fun.

For whatever reason I have the desire to share my experiences with the interwebs. And at this point I want to do it anonymously. I haven’t actually told any of my friends or family about this blog. There is something very cathartic about writing down and confessing your deepest, darkest, and most vulnerable self and then sending it out to be read by who ever, where ever and when ever! I can’t quite articulate why just yet, but I am really enjoying it.

It’s like when you’re floating on your back in the ocean. It’s really wonderful and peaceful, but at the same time you’re a bit tense because there could be a shark down there. There is a vast unknown below you that you cannot see. Or when you get very close to the edge of steep cliff. A sense of awe and thrill mixed with some trepidation. It’s a risk, but one that is too rewarding and fun not to take.

I am going to be sharing some very real and raw life in this space. I’m tired of pretending that I have it all together, or only sharing something once I feel as if I’ve overcome it. This blog is about the process, and lets be honest, it’s all a process.

Why do you blog?

All the love,



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