These Thoughts are Dragging Me Down

These thoughts…

I’m certain I won’t have enough money, therefore I am broke.

I am about to go on a diet, therefore I need to eat just one more bag of M&Ms.

I want to loose weight, therefore I don’t invest in clothes that make me feel good.

I will never meet the man of my dreams, therefore I go another week without a date.

The guy I’m dating is too good to be true, therefore I create a problem.

I’m not good enough to warrant God’s attention, therefore I don’t pray.

I’m never going to loose weight, therefore there is no point in going to the gym.

I already ate five cookies, therefore I might as well eat the entire bag.

No one is actually going to read my blog, therefore I don’t write.

She will always be faster and stronger than me, therefore I give up trying.

I can’t undo the abuse of my past, therefore I will always be a victim.

These thoughts…

They plague me every single day.

They are lies.

They are born from deep rooted fear.

They exist as a form of protection and self-preservation.

They are a facade.

They allow me to take no responsibility for my life.

They allow me to hide behind a victim mentality.

These thoughts…

I will crush them.

The truth…

I am limitless.

You are limitless.

No more lies.

No more facades.

No more darkness.

Let there be light.


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