The Last 10 Pounds

That elusive last 10 pounds.

We think – When I loose those last 10 I’ll finally be happy. I’ll be comfortable in my clothes. I’ll be healthy. I’ll be more attractive. I’ll wear a bikini. I’ll wear shorts. I won’t feel gross anymore. I’ll get a boyfriend. I’ll be lovable. I’ll go on that vacation. I’ll buy cute clothes. I’ll be confident. I’ll stop dieting. I’ll stop binging. I’ll be beautiful.

But what if the DESIRE to loose those last 10 pounds is actually the thing keeping us from feeling good and living the life we want to live. After years of having the “ideal” body type (tall, skinny, fit, tan, blond), then gaining weight, then a few years of dieting, and then a few more years of body acceptance work I have come to a very important conclusion:

What I weigh does not matter.

My wight has no effect on how happy I am. My value as a person is not determined by a number on a scale. My pant size is not “good” or “bad” or in any way indicative of my morality. My health is not dependent on my weight. (At my last doctors appointment my doctor literally exclaimed, “Beautiful!” multiple times as she read through my blood test results. I am heavier than I’ve been at any other point in my life, and incredibly healthy.) What I weigh does not matter.

What does matter? My mindset.

All of those things I listed earlier, those things that we think we’ll finally achieve once we’ve lost that last 5, 10, 50 lbs., are achievable in our current bodies. Exactly the way we are right now.

Our culture has decided that in order to be happy (and to have/do all those other things) we must have a specific body type. That “perfect” body is an illusion. It’s smoke and mirrors. It’s an unattainable image that has been manufactured and photoshoped by an industry that makes money by making you feel like shit. In order to sell us more pills, potions, diet books, “health” programs, etc. companies must first convince us that we are not good enough the way we are.

Thin privilege does exist in our society. That doesn’t mean that we have to buy into it. In the same way, white privilege exists in our society. That doesn’t mean we have to accept it. We can be part of the solution instead of passively contributing to the problem.

We can push back. I believe diversity is worth fighting for. Equity is worth fighting for. We can choose to be brainwashed by the media, and do as they wish by dieting our miserable lives away, or we can embrace our individuality and choose to think differently. We can listen to our bodies instead of listening to the latest diet trend. We can choose to do the inner work and accept ourselves just the way we are.

Lets choose to be happy now.

Lets chase our dreams instead of chasing a number on a scale.

Smile. You are awesome. You are loved. Just the way you are.



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