Women be Smaller

Women are taught…

You should be thin. Read: Take up as little space as possible.

You should go on a diet. Read: Shrink in size.

You should cross your legs and keep you hands on our lap. Read: Take up less space.

Your hair should be smooth and strait. Read: Your hair should take up less space.

Cross your arms over your stomach when standing. Read: Hide your body.

You should not be so emotional. Read: Minimize your feelings.

A wife should always differ to her husband. Read: Your opinions are lesser than a man’s.

Don’t be bossy or a bitch. Read: Don’t be opinionated or outspoken, be passive.

Don’t lift heavy weights, you’ll bulk up. Read: Don’t get too strong.

I could go on and on. We have been socialized to believe that femininity means to be small, contained, and quiet. Therefore, a lot of women are uncomfortable with taking up space – physically and emotionally.

However, men are encouraged to be muscular (big), to take charge, to be ambitions, and to be opinionated. Men are encouraged to take up space. They sit with legs in man-spread position and arms draped over the seat beside them (no matter how packed the subway is that day).

I choose to stop buying in to these twisted social norms. No man is more entitled to take up space than a woman.

Women of the world, reclaim your space!


P.s. Minutes after writing this post I found this amazing poem by Lily Meyers (apparently I missed it when it went viral!).



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