Mystic Pizza – Mystic, CT

How do you decide where to travel? I apparently get my travel tips from the Gilmore Girls.

Waking up Friday morning I had a long drive from NYC to Cape Cod, MA ahead of me. I planned to get on the road early so I’d have some free time to tool around with the rental car before picking up a friend in Boston. That morning I still hadn’t decided where I wanted to go.

Gilmore Girls played in the background as I packed up my bag. One of the main characters, Luke, was returning from a trip to Mystic, CT. Decision made, I was going to Mystic.

And an excellent decision it was! Mystic is a beautiful seaside community with all the charm, history, and quaint beauty one expects of a northeastern seaport.

My first stop was lunch at the iconic Mystic Pizza. I’ve haven’t seen the namesake 1988 film set in this eclectic eatery, but I plan to watch it asap! I opted for pizza by the slice at the bar. The friendly bartender listed my options: cheeses, pepperoni, Greek, or bacon hamburger. Say what? Bacon hamburger pizza? Yes please! It was delicious. Bacon, hamburger pieces, pickles, cheese, and a bit of ketchup replaced the traditional tomato sauce. I savored every last bite.

Bacon hamburger pizza!

After lunch I walked down Main Street. I window shopped my way through the galleries, antique shops, and clothing boutiques before stopping in at Mystic Sweets & Ice Cream Shop for a chai latte (yes, I am addicted). Warm drink in hand, a walk along the picturesque Mystic River boardwalk melted away any last bit of stress I carried with me from New York.

After a couple hours of exploring I hopped back in my car to continue the drive up to Boston. It was a quick trip, but I will definitely be back to explore more of this little town.

Other noteworthy things to do in Mystic:

  • Mystic Seaport – The Museum of America & the Sea
  • Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration
  • Whale Watching Boat Tours
  • Mystic Lighthouse
Mystic Pizza – Mystic, CT
Mystic River – Mystic, CT
Mystic River drawbridge on the right & the cafe I stopped in for a chai latte on the left.

Have you been to Mystic? If so, what else should I check out when I return?



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