How Do You Define Success?

In the past year I’ve achieved many of the career goals that I’ve been working towards my entire adult life. I became a registered architect. I got a promotion at a top architecture firm. I “made it” in New York City.

However, for a few years now I’ve known that working Monday through Friday at a 9-6 desk job is not enough for me. For some reason I kept charging on even though I knew I wanted change. It’s as if I felt the need to prove to myself and those around me that I can do it. I can attain societies version of “success.”

Point proven. Now it’s time to define success on my own terms.

For me, success is listening and living according to my inner wisdom. Success is allowing inspiration and guidance to flow through me. Success is using my innate talents to create something unique and positive in this world. I’m successful when I’m following my heart.

My definition of success does not hinge on a certain salary or a man-given title. It does not come with the ownership of certain possessions or property. It is not dependent on a relationship or marriage. It is not based on the latest trends. It is not influenced by the opinions of celebrities, politicians, family or friends.

Success is personal. We can allow our definition of success to be defined by the media and society, or we can define it for ourselves. I choose myself.



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