Stand Up and Say Something


With all of the horrific events that have taken place in the past week here in America and abroad a question has been nagging at my heart:

What can I do to help?

I’ve yet to come up with a satisfying answer, but I have some ideas.

First and foremost, I need to be brave enough to say something. Taking a stand for what I believe in use to be very easy for me. Maybe too easy. I’ve had an activist mindset for most of my life. In my teens and twenties I always had some cause, typically something to do with the environment or social injustice, that I would be VERY (read “annoyingly”) vocal about. I was always convinced that I knew best and people should listen to me.

At 25 I joined a very strict church and literally attempted to convert all of my friends and family for about four years. I was passionate about this church’s specific interpretation of the Bible, and thought with all my heart that I was doing the right thing. I told EVERYONE about it ALL the time. About a year ago I left that church. I wrote about that time in my life here.

It took me 6 very difficult months to leave. Since then I have rethought and redefined my most basic world views, and I continue to expand and evolve.

I was wrong to preach such a limiting and dogmatic world view. It took a TON of courage and humility to admit this to myself and to my friends and family.

Since then I have become very hesitant to share my opinions. Part of me is still embarrassed about the opinions I so strongly expressed in the past.

I have deep and meaningful conversations with my close friends and family about the things I believe. However, I hesitate to voice my stance on the huge issues effecting our world on public forms like Facebook, Instagram, or the blog. In fact, I’ve only told ONE of my friends and NONE of my family about this blog so that I can write freely here.

I lost my moxy.

But now it’s time for a shift. I’m done tip toeing around trying not to ruffle any feathers. I need to show up fully for the world. Let the ruffling begin!

Love & light,



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