The Distractions Are Endless


Yesterday afternoon I arrived early to a bar where I was to meet a friend for drinks. Per usual I had listened to a podcast on the commute. While debating how to kill the extra time a thought came to me:

It never stops. The distractions are endless.

Rarely do I take time to think for myself. Instead I just listen, respond, regurgitate.

So, I sat down and started writing in my journal. The following words flowed from my pen.

I am constantly listeneing to someone elses voice, reading someone elses words, admiring someone elses art. Now, when it comes to formulating my own thoughts I have difficulty. It’s really quite sad and somewhat scary. My mind goes blank. I’m out of practice.

At work I constantly listen to music. While walking around the city I listen to podcasts. At home I almost always have a TV show on. On the train I’m scrolling through some social medial site. Moreover, I typically I feel the need to do at least two things at once; detailing floor plans and listening to a podcast, typing an email and eating, watching TV and drawing, watching a movie and scrolling through instagram.

I can’t seem to just focus on my work. Just draw. Just watch a movie. Just walk. Just sit. Just be still.

Where is the white space? Where is the time to think?

I remember back in school when I wrote papers, long papers, expressing my thoughts and feelings about a book or an artistic moment. I had opinions and I knew how to express them. However, since then it’s as if my mind has been white washed by the constant availibility of entertainment. It’s like I’m addicted. The likes, the follows, the comments, the drama; they hit me like a drug. They leave little room or time for original thoughts.

This is why I love writing blog posts. It requires my total focus. Maybe some people can multi-task while writing, but I am not that talented.

Writing gives me the opportunity to sort out my feelings and articulate my opinions. In my journals I pour out my heart and soul, and in each blog post I refine and articulate my ideas.

It’s time to limit the media and prioritize my original thoughts. Only then can I truely show up as my authentic self if this world. And I, like everyone else, am here for a reason. I have something unique to share and I plan to spend my entire life expressing whatever that is thorugh my writing, my art, my being.

How do you limit and overcome the distractions in your life?



2 thoughts on “The Distractions Are Endless

  1. I go to a secluded cottage on the shore–no internet–and ideas fall all over each other, trying to get out! I agree about usual distractions. They are like “white noise” that covers up our thoughts. Nice post!


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