Why I Travel


While journaling this morning I had a hit of intuition that brought tears to my eyes!

You see, I’ve attempted many times to explain to others why I want to travel the world. Yet, I’ve never felt that I’ve been able to fully express my unextinguishable desire. This is because I have never really understood where my passion for travel comes from. It’s just there. It’s always been there.

This morning I had an epiphany. I was journaling in response to a prompt from Anita Wing Lee’s Funded & Flow course, “There is a higher power in the universe that will supply all you need to fulfill your dreams. In what ways have you been provided for in life?”

As I journaled I thought about all of the times when things have inexplicably worked out for me. This has been most illustrated in my travels abroad.

Traveling has shown me how the universe takes care of me. Traveling has shown me the good in humanity. Traveling has shown me my own strength and resilience.

That is why I love to travel. That is why I am so obsessed with it.

Universal truth, love and the goodness of humanity opens up to me when I travel in a very real and tangible way.

Once, on a train to Meteora, Greece, I sat in a car with a couple from India, a couple from Russia, and a couple from Mexico. We all talked for hours and at one point sang, literally sang, songs we loved from our respective countries.

While traveling through the Greek Isles I met a Canadian couple that I spent a few days with, and then was randomly placed in the same hostel room as a friend of theirs (such a small world!) in Turkey a week later. We became good friends and traveled together for the next couple weeks.

Upon arrival to a small Korean town I found out that my hostel was overbooked. There had been a glytch in their website. I wasn’t able to find any other vacancies in the small town, so instead of turning me away the hostel owner invited me into her small home where she shared her warm fish soup dinner and found a mat for me to sleep on.

Also in Korea, I started talking to a family during a morning hike. They insisted on buying me lunch and then invited me to come allong for the rest of their day trip. We explored a bamboo forest and had dinner at a traditional Korean resturant nestled in the mountains. At the end of the day they dropped me off at my hotel with hugs and pictures.

I have so many stories like this. Stories of incredibly loving and friendly people. Stories of miraculous events aligning in my favor.

Travel has opened my eyes to a wonderful universal truths. There is something unseen watching over me; taking care of me.

Travel has taught me that at it’s core humanity is good. We are all much more similar than different. We are all connected.

What have your travels taught you?




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