72 Days of Drawing

Day 72 / Little jellyfish

A couple months ago (72 days ago to be exact) I started a project. I committed to posting a sketch on Instagram every single day. Why? Well, allow me digress for a moment.

It’s easy for us to loose ourselves as we grow up. At least this was the case for me. I spent much of my adolescence and adulthood trying to please other people, trying to fit into a mold deemed by others as “right” and “moral.” Then, a little over a year ago, I made the decision to follow my own heart and intuition. I won’t go into the details here since I’ve written about this time elsewhere on the blog, but let me just say that my life changed dramatically.

In the midst of this existential crisis I asked myself over and over again, “Who am I?” The advice I got, again and again, was to reflect back on my childhood. What did I love to do before anyone told me what I should and shouldn’t like?

As a child I sketched all the time, sometimes hours a day, for no reason other than because I loved it. I drew people, animals, flowers, whatever came across my path. Art flowed through me. As an adult I decided to peruse Architecture. I found architecture school an interesting mesh of the artistic and the technical. However, as with most professions, school and professional practice are very different things. Soon after graduating all hand drawing stopped as the computers took over. I’ve been out of school for about five years now, but only recently realized how much I’ve missed my first love – art.

Since making that decision to listen to my intuition the call to create art has been getting louder and louder. Seventy two days ago I finally decided to listen. I decided to commit to doing something every day for no reason other than because it gave me joy. I also decided to put it out into the world. This world could us a little more joy and love! And, to be honest, I knew I could use a little accountability!

The past 72 days have BLOWN ME AWAY! I’ve gone from hardly creating any art to drawing and painting every single day. Not only has this daily practice been incredibly fun, but through this project I have connected with other artists from around the world!

Through art I am able to explore myself, and share my whole self with the world. It’s an amazing feeling.

I’m so excited to see what the next 72 days bring.




2 thoughts on “72 Days of Drawing

  1. Wow I relate to this so much. I drew and did artsy craftsy things all the time when I was younger but definitely started to neglect it in my adult life. I love that you’ve turned drawing and sharing into a daily thing–I’ve been doing it more regularly but not every day…seeing your posts on Instagram has made me think about starting a similar project for myself!

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