Big ‘ol Life Update – March

Hey guys! So much has been going on this past month, so I wanted to pop on the blog and give a little life update.

First of all, I have absolutely fallen in love with creating & editing videos! I’ve been creating weekly videos for my YouTube channel. I will be using my YouTube channel to chronicle my upcoming travels and some massive life changes that I have coming up.

Check out my latest video of a trip that I recently took to Wilmington, DE below. And if you like what you see please pop over to YouTube and subscribe to my channel.

Secondly, starting in April I’ll be adding a bran new listing to my Etsy shop each week!  And in June my store will be going to digital! By that I mean I’ll only be offering digital downloads, no prints for the foreseeeable future. I’ll explain exactly why this change is necessary in a future post. In the meantime, if you want one of my art prints snatch them up quick!  Also, I just posted a bran new listing! These cute little greeting cards make me smile ever time I look at them! Check ’em out here.


Third, my website/blog will be getting a massive overhaul in the coming months. I’m going to be transitioning to a more professional website showcasing my art, illustrations, and travel videos. This blog will still exist, but will be a smaller part of the whole.

Fourthly, I will be making a big, no huge, announcement over on YouTube at the end of April, so be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss it!

Last is a give you a quick reminder to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! With everything going on in my life the past few months my self care has been lacking, and I’m really feeling the impact. Lets take time to journal, meditate, cook nutritious meals, work out, take a long shower, etc. whatever we need to do to de-stress and feel centered. Even if that means getting less “work.” Put your wellbeing first and everything else will fall into place.




3 thoughts on “Big ‘ol Life Update – March

  1. Yay congratulations on the new website–I’m excited to see it!!! I actually have been working on a more professional-looking website that has more of my art too–we seem to be on similar schedules in some ways! Also, your vlogs are great–I’m so impressed by your editing, it looks very professional!
    …looking forward to this huge announcement…so suspenseful! 🙂

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    1. Hi Maria! I am so excited too! How are you going about building your new website? I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by the overhaul. I think I need to break it down in pieces and just start plugging away 🙂 Yes, we do seem to be on similar paths. It’s really cool to be able to share this journey with people like you!!
      Sorry to be so cryptic with the announcement! Soon I will be free to be open about everything and I’ll be shouting it from the roof tops, haha!!

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      1. No problem, the cryptic-ness makes it more exciting 😉
        I agree, it’s been so great connecting with you and other people who are making cool things! I was sort of overwhelmed by the website at first too but it was actually pretty easy once I got into it…I started over from scratch and used Squarespace this time, which I’m liking because it’s more visual. Transferring my blog posts over wasn’t too hard since I don’t have too many–it might be more of a process for you if you’re doing that since you’ve been writing for longer. And I also haven’t bothered with figuring out how to sell stuff directly through my site yet–I just have a link to Etsy–so that’s an upcoming thing I need to tackle!


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