Wild Cycles Collective

Align your life with the cycles of nature to bring more balance, energy, and joy to your days.

Solar Cycle

Become more intentional about how you spend your days so that you can spend more time in the flow and focus on the things that you care about. By tapping into your unique circadian rhythms, learning how to align your routines with the energetics of the sun, and developing simple daily habits you will increase and balance your energy and focus.

Lunar Cycle

The pull of the moon creates the tides of the oceans and influences the flow of energy and emotions within us. Our bodies are, after all, over 50% water. We’ll plan our months according to the moon phases in order to tap into the gifts of each phase. When am I the best at networking? At manifesting? When should I start new projects? When am I the most intuitive? The most creative?

Psychospiritual Spiral

Psychospiritual means everything that’s not physical – aka the mind and the spirit. We all have natural highs and lows, and by identifying our unique patterns we can work with this cycle to make our lows less intense, shorter, and a powerful catalyst for personal growth.

Ayurvedic Seasons

Ayurveda divides the year into 6 seasons, not four. Each of these seasons has specific qualities that can throw our bodies out of balance if we don’t adjust our lifestyle and food choices accordingly. You’ll learn how to tap into the specific energy of each season to feel your best and keep your body in balance!

Stress / Emotional Cycle

Many of us learned from a young age that expressing our emotions is bad or unsafe, and so we become really good at suppressing them. Later in life, these stuck emotions create all sorts of health and relationship problems. You’ll incorporate practices into your life to help you consistently process your emotions – current and buried.

Reconnect to your true nature.

By intentionally shifting our daily, monthly, and annual routines to reflect these cycles we can embody the patterns by which nature regenerates itself.

Together we will explore these cycles and their influence on our minds, bodies, and emotions. Our goal is to make aligning your life with natural cycles practical, accessible, and fun.

We’ll practice simple tools and Ayurvedic rituals to reconnect with the ultimate source of grounding, the earth, and (because we are nature) our true selves.

The teachings in this course pull from ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and the latest scientific research, but we will go beyond intellectual learning by actually implementing what we’ve learned on each group call.

Because when we embody the cycles of nature magic happens!

This collective is for you if you desire…

  • To align your life with the cycles of nature
  • To deepen your understanding and awareness of your unique mental, emotional, and physical patterns
  • To learn more about how the cycles of nature influence our wellbeing
  • To amplify your inner voice (aka your intuition)
  • To bring more joy, playfulness, and ritual to your life
  • To be a better steward of nature
  • To connect with other eco and socially conscious souls

Our Mission

  • To reembody our intuitive, wild, and playful nature
  • To bring our bodies and minds into alignment with natural cycles
  • To create a community where each member feels seen and accepted just as they are
  • To become better stewards of the planet and advocates for a more regenerative culture

The Container

We’ll explore the five cycles of nature that most affect our daily lives.


Learn & Embody

On the 1st call of each month, you’ll (1) learn about that month’s cycle and how our bodies, minds, and emotions are influenced by it, and (2) we’ll do simple, powerful Ayurvedic practices and/or rituals to help you embody that month’s cycle.

Inspire & Support

On the 2nd call, you can share your experiences and insights, ask questions, get advice and connect with Eva and other cyclers.

Call schedule will be posted 2 weeks before doors open.



Ayurveda 101 Course

A video mini-course walking you through the Ayurvedic approach to a healthy lifestyle including the 5 Elements, the 3 Doshas, and the 20 Gunas (qualities).


Tracking Guides

Each month you’ll receive a simple 1 to 2 page PDF that you can use to track each month’s cycle in nature and in your unique body.

Community Space

An online group space to chat, share, ask questions and connect with each other throughout the month.

Additional Support

Want a personalized Ayurvedic dosha assessment to determine your Prakriti and Vikruti? I typically charge $250 for this consultation, but I’m offering it to cycle members for just $150.

Doors Open October 2022

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Photo by Taylor Wright on Upsplash