Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse + Self-care Week

Next Cycle: Fall 2022

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Tap into the transformational energy of the season to optimize your digestion, process emotions, and increase your energy during our seasonal Ayurvedic cleanse.


Our seasonal Ayurvedic cleanse operates on three levels – mental, emotional, and physical.

A seasonal Ayurvedic cleanse, otherwise known as a kitchari cleanse, is very different from most modern cleanses. This is not a process of depletion and restriction. You won’t go hungry!

You will be provided with a meal plan and shopping list so that you can make simple, nourishing meals. These Ayurvedic recipes and herbal recommendations will help you to optimize your digestion.

When our digestion is on point our body is able to process and release built-up waste and excess hormones. And on our LIVE group calls, you will be guided through evidence-based movement practices to process stress and stuck emotions.

By the end of the week, past participants have reported feeling rejuvenated, energized, and motivated to continue their self-care journeys!

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All ages and genders are welcome.

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What can I expect?

  • Increased mental clarity
  • More energy by the end of the week
  • Improved digestive function and a decrease in digestive issues
  • Increased knowledge about how to nourish and care for your body and mind
  • Feeling more connected to your body
  • Decreased cravings for processed foods and caffeine
  • A basic understanding of the ayurvedic approach to wellness
  • A community to share, process, and reflect with

What does the seasonal Ayurvedic cleanse program include?

ayurvedic cleanse golden milk
  • A mini-cookbook with cleansing Ayurvedic recipes that you will cook from for the week
  • A cleanse shopping list and example meal plan to take the stress out of preparation
  • A LIVE kick-off session so that you can begin your cleanse grounded and supported
  • Three LIVE guided meditations led by Eva + time to ask questions and receive support
  • A LIVE closing ritual so that you can smoothly transition into the next season of your life
  • Private member portal where you can access all your cleanse resources and video recordings
  • And daily inspiration emails delivered to your inbox each morning to keep you motivated

Spring Ayurvedic Cleanse Schedule

*The fall 2022 schedule will be posted in August.*

All times are listed in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and British Summer Time (BST). All calls will be recorded and posted so that you can replay them at your convenience.


Saturday, April 16th @ 11 am EDT/4 pm BST: Live Cleanse Kick-off Session (60+ min)

April 16th – 23rd: Shopping & Preparation

April 24th – 30th: 7 Days of Active Cleansing

Sunday, April 24th @ 9 am EDT/2 pm BST: Live Group Meditation + Q&A (30 min)

Tuesday, April 26th @ 9 am EDT/2 pm BST: Live Group Movement Practice + Q&A (30 min)

Thursday, April 28th @ 9 am EDT/2 pm BST: Live Group Movement Practice + Q&A (45 min)

Saturday, April 30th @ 11 am EDT/4 pm BST: Live Group Movement Practice + Q&A (30 min)

Sunday, May 1st @ 11 am EDT/4 pm BST: Live Closing Session (60 min)


It is recommended that participants cleanse with the group during the active cleanse period, but this timing may not work for everyone. Participants will have all the information that they need to complete the cleanse on their own time, and access to the live call recordings.

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What previous participants are saying…

The cleanse brought me a greater awareness of my body and what works best for me around eating patterns: what foods feel good, how I eat (pace and presence), my energy levels, etc. It brought not only intellectual awareness around these things but also an active, physical shift. I also have less judgment around what and how I eat, so if I catch myself doing something that is not really in alignment, I just notice it and own the shift rather than berating myself.

During the cleanse I accomplished a lot of things I had been putting off; I just felt this compulsion to get them done. There was a lot of energy movement and clearing. It felt like a catalyst. I truly found it beneficial on every level.

– Rebecca

I’m generally skeptical of cleanses as I see way too many, especially on Insta, that are basically disordered eating. This was totally different. This cleanse was a practical, healthy way to reset my body and mind.

Eva prepared an easy-to-follow guide and helped out with any questions along the way. I spend most of my days going from one thing to another, so I enjoyed the meditations and interacting with others through the group calls.

– Sara

Having a meal plan was amazing! Also, the accountability of the group was essential! By completing the full cleanse I overcame a huge mental hurdle. I’m really proud of myself.

In the past, I have not been very in tune with how certain things make my gut feel. After the cleanse I am way more aware of how I feel.

– Kah

Fall 2022 registration will open in August.

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Meet Your Guide

I am on a mission to help eco and socially conscious souls reconnect with their intuition, their bodies, and nature so that they can heal – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. As a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Coach and Life Coach, I support my clients in building a solid foundation of self-trust, vibrant health, and purpose so that they can be agents of change in their communities.

In early 2017, I left my high-stress corporate life in New York City and embarked on a life of travel. I was suffering from burnout and a myriad of health issues. A few months later while living in Nepal, I experienced the healing power of Ayurveda. As I traveled I knew I didn’t want to just see the world, I wanted to contribute to it in a major way. Thus, my coaching business was born.

In my free time, you’ll find me wandering around barefoot, drinking copious amounts of tea, exploring archeological sites, and literally hugging trees.

This spring Ayurvedic cleanse is part of my personal mission to live in harmony with natural cycles and to help others do the same.

Disclaimer: This seasonal Ayurvedic cleanse is designed for those who are generally in good health. It is not meant to cure disease. The cleanse is not recommended for individuals experiencing symptoms of a chronic or acute health condition or for those who are pregnant. If you are currently being treated for a medical condition please consult your doctor to determine if a cleanse is appropriate for you. By registering for the cleanse, you assume any and all risks. By registering you are signifying that you understand that you are responsible for consulting with a physician regarding any personal health-related questions you have before, during, or after the cleanse.

Questions? Please contact Eva at