Life Lessons & My Change Making Journey so Far [HMHE Ep 17]

Published on 3 Jan, 2023

Show Notes – Ep 017: Life Lessons + My Change Making Journey so Far


This week I share a bit about my change-making journey and why I am so passionate about helping changemakers and aspiring activists create the change they want to see in the world without sacrificing their health and wellbeing. I also share some of the biggest life lessons that I’ve learned during my 37 years on the planet.

This is episode 17 and 17 is my favorite number of all time, so I wanted to do something special and personal for this episode. When I first discover a new podcast that I like I always look back in the archives to see if they have an episode about their story. I love hearing how people got to where they are today, so I hope that you find my story and life lessons helpful and interesting.

Below is a brief outline of this week’s episode. You can tune into the Happy Me Happy Earth podcast wherever you get your podcasts to hear the full episode.

Topics Discussed in This Week’s Episode

In this episode of the Happy Me Happy Earth podcast I share my journey with overcoming negative experiences in my childhood, body acceptance and self-love, activism, figuring out my life purpose, architecture, self-image, identity, digital nomad life, entrepreneurship, spirituality, and climbing (then leaping off of) the academic and corporate ladders.

I share the life experiences that led me to be an advocate for environmental accountability and equity in my personal and professional life.

This is a picture of Eva Peterson picking blackberries in the UK as she lives out important life lessons by nurturing her connection to nature.

Biggest Life Lessons (so far) About Life Purpose

I’ve grappled with the question, “Why am I hear?” throughout my life. And unfortunately, much of the mainstream advice about how to “discover your life purpose” is actually quite harmful.

First and foremost, our life purpose is not one thing that we can discover. Our lives may have many purposes, and we get to choose what those purposes are. As we grow older and expand, so does our purpose.

Many people see their life purpose and their career as one thing. But I’ve realized that I can express my purpose in every single aspect of my life. My career can also be an expression of my purpose, but it’s just a small part of it. When I had these realizations about life’s purpose I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and I was able to move forward.

Biggest Life Lessons (so far) About Self-image and Spirituality

Who am I? I’ve asked myself that question so many times. In this episode, I describe a number of challenging identity crises I’ve had around my career and religion.

Now, I view my self-image very differently. If we hold our identity too tight it can be very hard to deal with change. But, when we hold our beliefs, opinions, and identify with open hands we can continue to grow and evolve.

This also applies to spiritual beliefs. After being a part of a very strict Christain church, exploring other religions, and hours and hours of soul searching I no longer feel the need to figure out or define exactly what is going on in the universe. Maybe there is a divine design and a higher power, and maybe not. Atheism takes just as much faith as organized religion. Either way, I don’t have to label or define my spiritual path or beliefs.

I don’t need to conform to a religion in order to be a “good person.” My spiritual beliefs, like my identity, continue to evolve as I grow older and wiser.

Change-making and Activism Life Lessons (so far)

Unfortunately, the fight to slow climate change and create a more equitable society will be a lifelong pursuit. These issues will most likely not be solved in my lifetime. So, the most important thing that I can do is set myself up for a lifetime of change-making. That means developing the resilience, mindset, and organizational skills to be able to create change without sacrificing my health and well-being. And, it means that I need to find fulfillment and enjoyment in the journey, not the outcome.

What’s best for me is best for my community. And what’s best for humanity is best for the planet because we are all nature. We are all interconnected. Individual health equals collective health. I have to prioritize my health and well-being if I am going to be an effective agent of change.

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Above are some of the big takeaways and life lessons that I shared in this episode. Please tune in to hear more about my story and how I came to learn each of these life lessons.

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This is a picture of Eva Peterson. She is the host of the Happy Me Happy Earth podcast and a life coach for changemakers and aspiring activists.

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