Reduce Anxiety With This Vagus Nerve Exercise

Published on 1 Aug, 2023

Show Notes – 044: Reduce Anxiety With These Vagus Nerve Exercises

This week on the podcast, I talk about what anxiety is, the role the vagus nerve plays in stress management, and how we can reduce general anxiety and build nervous system resilience by practicing vagus nerve exercises.

Anxiety and I are old friends. Back in the day, I considered myself a high-anxiety person. However, through personal development, coaching, and practicing the exercises that I share with you today, I have been able to considerably reduce my stress and anxiety. These vagus nerve exercises have helped me target my anxiety at the source and improve my ability to deal with the everyday stressors of life.

If anxiety and stress are affecting your life, or if you experience any of the symptoms of anxiety on a regular basis I invite you to try these powerful exercises.

This is a photo of a peaceful woman laying in a field of purple flowers. It links to a podcast episode and blog post about vagus nerve exercises to reduce anxiety. Photo by Amy Treasure on Unsplash.

Photo by Amy Treasure on Unsplash

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