What is the Changemaker Mindset? [HMHE Podcast Ep 3]

Published on 27 Sep, 2022

Show Notes – 003: What is the Changemaker Mindset?

In this week’s episode of the Happy Me Happy Earth podcast, I answer the question, “What is the changemaker mindset?” and talk about why it is so important that we develop it. I also give you a simple step that you can do today to help yourself step into this mindset.

This is Part 1 of a two-part series about the changemaker mindset. In next week’s episode, I’ll dive into HOW you can put it into practice to fuel your change-making journey! You can find episode 004: How to Develop the Changemaker Mindset here.

Below is a brief outline of what I discussed. Tune in wherever you get your podcasts (or above) for personal stories and a more in-depth discussion!

What is the changemaker mindset?

Changemaker mindset is a term that I made up because I needed a way to talk about the mindset that helps us to get out of our own way and figure out how to actually make a difference in the world without sacrificing our health and wellbeing.

By getting out of our own way I mean overcoming fear, imposture syndrome, lack of confidence, procrastination, and overwhelm in order to take action!

Topics explored in this week’s episode:

    • Why the changemaker mindset is crucial to our effectiveness as activists, advocates, environmentalists, social entrepreneurs, etc.
    • What is the changemaker mindset?
    • What is a fixed mindset?
    • What is a growth mindset?
    • How the changemaker mindset builds on the growth mindset
    • How cultural conditioning has shaped our mindset
    • Examples of how the fixed mindset has had me back in my life
    • Examples of the growth and changemaker mindset show up in my life
    • Effect of the fixed mindset on our lives
    • The secret sauce of the changemaker mindset

This week’s invitation:

Begin developing more awareness around your mindset.

    1. Note when you find yourself thinking in a fixed mindset. What types of situations, people, conversations, etc. trigger your fixed mindset?
    2. Also, take note when you find yourself thinking in the growth mindset. What types of situations, people, conversations, etc. are you growth-minded about?

References and links mentioned in the show:

    • Book: Mindset by Carol Dweck
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